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The Top Packing and Moving Services in Bromley

Are you looking for professional packing companies ‘near me’?

Look no further as Sunlight Removals are here to provide you with nothing but the best in the local area. Many packing and unpacking services for when you are moving house, lack quality. It is not in the nature of Sunlight Removals to provide mediocre services, and our best packers and movers want to provide the top in the country. Whether you have a large home or a smaller house, we make sure that we put 100% effort into every single job that we take under our wing here at Sunlight Removals. 

Get in touch with us now to get started on your packing service requirements. Call us on 02087768925. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Packers and Movers Bromley

Whether you want assistance to pack your belongings, or just want cheap packing materials, we can help you. It is our business aim to offer services that help people as much as possible. Relocating from one home to another can be an extremely stressful situation to be in for anyone involved. It requires patience in a time that is full of different emotions, and we want to help reduce the stress as much as we can. This is why we focus so much on having the best services in the local area so that we can be a part of turning your moving process into something exciting rather than daunting.

Our professional packers provide packing boxes that are cheap and affordable for everyone. It has always been a business mission for Sunlight Removals to offer high-quality packing and moving services that are within budget for everyone.

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Furniture Wrapping Service Bromley

Furniture is a key part of every home. From the texture, colour and material, it is fair enough to say that furniture is a key part of every home. A beautiful piece of furniture can be the difference between a nice looking home or a basic looking house. It is our job to ensure that furniture makes it from point A to point B in a smooth manner and for it to come out looking spotless. For the best furniture movers, you need look no further than Sunlight Removals. Get in touch with our best local movers today to move your furniture packing and unpacking service!

The Very Best Packing Company London

Our professional packers and movers produce amazing top quality services from luggage packing services to furniture wrapping. We aim to make life easier for the people who are about to move house and need assistance with removing things from their old house.

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Medium removal box (13’ X 19’ X 19’)

The Strong double-walled box is ideal for shoes, CD, kitchen sundries, general house hold items.


packing and moving services Bromley

Large removal box

Suitable for larger items like toys, pillows, cushions, soft furnishings and general house hold items. This double-walled box is perfect for moving home and storage.


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Cling Film

Specially made for furniture protection and moving house


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Wardrobe Box

A high-quality double-walled box designed especially for hanging garments. Keeps all your clothes crease free during removal or storage.


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Wrapping Sheet (400)

A high-quality Wrapping Sheet especially for for small stuff Keeps all your clothes crease free during removal or storage.


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Bubble Wrap

For wrapping small ornaments, enamel, glassware, fragile items. Protect antique furniture or treasured pictures.


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Brown Masking Tape

For use with bubble wrap or any cardboard box.


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Fragile Tape

For use with bubble wrap or any cardboard box.


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Sofa Cover

For use with sofa table and bad sheet.


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Sofa Cover


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Sofa Cover


Sunlight removals specialize in the area of home removal with safety and comfort.


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